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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice’s League’s Promised Strongholds Are Nothing, It Turns Out

I thought I was done writing about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s poor launch of its first season starring the Joker. But now I learned something that somehow made me even more upset.

As part of promotion for season 1, Rocksteady had mentioned a new activity called a “Stronghold” a number of times. It was heavily implied, but never fully explained, that this would be some new type of endgame activity that would appear alongside Incursions, and it would be actual new content for the Joker season when a frequent critique of the base game was a lack of mission variety.

It was teased under the heading “New Activities” in the art that appears when you beat the game, and then later in the season 1 promo images, it shifted to “New Strongholds.” There’s even a promo image (seen above) that many assumed was the literal Stronghold.

But then…nothing appeared when the season launched. New Incursions were more or less old ones but with new kill-counter-based objectives for the most part. But Strongholds? Missing, and presumably pushed to the second “episode” of the season in six weeks. Or so we thought.

Now we have confirmation that this season did in fact release its Strongholds, which turns out, was not a new mission type, but simply what Rocksteady was calling the one-off, open world missions involving anti-aircraft guns and bomb buses that already existed during season zero. They’re essentially identical and literally one-and-done missions you play to get a few Fear ranks. But yes, these are actually supposed to be the Strongholds, which Rocksteady confirmed on Discord:

“[Strongholds are] the Joker themed Terraformer and Bug Farm missions throughout Metropolis where you can see that parts of the Joker Elseworld have been phased into the city.”

Like so many other things about this season, it is unbelievable that they were just reprinting old open world activities with a Joker skin, having you play 4-5 of them once, and then that’s it. Those are Strongholds. I have been following this game as closely as anyone and I ended my 15 or so hours with this new season still assuming that those Strongholds were coming.

Instead, as far as we know, the only things coming in Episode 2 are a reprised Superman Braniac boss fight, some new gear, some new infused enemy types (I think a couple of these already launched) and “an ever changing Metropolis,” whatever that means. Strongholds were listed in Episode 1, which is why everyone was confused. But here we are. There does not appear to be anything that actually sounds like story content related to Joker coming, just as there are no story missions for his arrival in Episode 1.

Ridiculous. I’m out of things to say at this point, but this time I feel actively misled.

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