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Batman Will Return In ‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League,’ Reveals Secret Message

There has been a lot of talk about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League being “disrespectful” to Batman and Kevin Conroy’s portrayal of him, given that he’s both evil in this game and well, dies, as does the rest of the Justice League. And given Conroy’s tragic death, this will be the last time he’s voicing Batman.

While I don’t believe that “disrespectful” idea to be true, there is some good news that we almost certainly have not seen the last of Batman. This is not a datamine, this is actually a secret message that a dedicated fan found in-game after much puzzle hunting.

This is from Arkham superfan channel Batman Arkham Videos. What happened is that there are 12 calendars hidden all around the map. It’s a big map, so it took a while to find them, but they did. In those 12 calendars are twelve dates circled, with the last one marked by an actual Batman symbol.

Then, you can translate those date numbers to an actual message, which is “HE WILL RETURN.” Watch the video below:

Some are saying “well what if this is just Calendar Man returning?” which I mean, I sort of doubt they’d bother with that, plus the Batman symbol at the end there. And then there’s the theory that the Justice League members were either clones, and did not really die, or they will return being pulled from Elseworld dimensions as a way to return and reassemble.

To get into this a little further we are going to have to get into spoiler datamining territory a bit, so beware.

There are datamined lines that feature the return of at least Green Lantern and The Flash in non-evil form, indicating that at least one of the two theories is correct. The idea is that they will return over the course of the seasons, and if those two are, it stands to reason that Batman may be on that list as well, so perhaps Kevin Conroy’s final work as Batman is not being evil and dying, but a return to old Arkham Batman (again, not that I think it makes a difference, and people are being childish about it).

But that is the question, even if the plan was to bring Batman back into the game in future live content, was that something Conroy already recorded ahead of time, or was that work that still needed to be done? It’s unclear just how much live content has already been developed or in this case, recorded, for future seasons. Clearly the Flash and Green Lantern stuff already exists, but I haven’t seen any new Conroy Batman lines datamined. Those could just not be in the game files yet, or perhaps, unfortunately, they were not recorded.

I do think this would be kind of incredible, if Conroy’s Batman could return one last time as a hero helping to save the city and fight a supervillain. We just don’t know if this is possible, but this message indicates that yes, he’s supposed to return in some form or another. We’ll see.

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